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Placing your business online should not be any strenuous or arduous task. It ought to be a reasonably enjoyable process whose final result ought to be increased leads for the business. The secret, is finding the right webmaster, using the right skills, for the particular needs.

When choosing who should develop your website you should think about the following:

1. Availability - May be the developer contactable? Will he/she be available after hours as well as on weekends for those who have any issues or issues with your website?

2. Honesty - Will the developer provide you with truthful advice and recommendations, or simply push the organization line?

3. Customer support - Will you be given a personalised service in which the developer sees your project through from beginning to end? Will this developer be the one that makes changes or additions as your business grows?

4. Services - Does your developer offer the full range of services necessary to get your business online? For instance, will they offer Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting, Email, E-Commerce, PHP and MySQL (to operate blogs, CRM's and other database applications) and then market your website?

5. Pricing - The price of using a website built can differ quite considerably.

Always ask for a quotation upfront.

Don't be afraid to inquire about questions;

� Ask for a itemised quotation so you can see a breakdown of precisely what you are receiving for your money.

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� Will you need to pay a deposit?

� What are the ongoing fees? i.e. Internet hosting.

� Do you charge a set rate or charge by the hour?

� How long will the website take to complete?

� Am i going to have to pay for extras, therefore just how much?

6. Quality - There isn't any reason for paying big dollars (or perhaps lesser dollars for that matter) for any site you're unhappy with or looks cheap and nasty. Always have a look at the developer's portfolio. If they don't have one on their website, think about why don't you? You shouldn't be afraid to ask to see previous works. Also, read customer testimonials. Even call those people to obtain opinion around the developer's work ethics and abilities.

Although I'd be extremely thoughtless to claim that these 6 points are all you need to be aware of, I firmly believe if you include these points in when it comes to your developer you will find yourself one you are going to be pleased with and that you will use for many years in the future.