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I remember as a kid visiting friends' homes and becoming excited seeing the indoor rebounder trampolines. We didn't have a trampoline, but I loved using them. I could not believe there were indoor versions.

Trampolines may serve as an excellent cardio choice for your exercise routine regimen.

Little did I understand these were purchased for my friends' parents so that they could get fit.

Indoor fitness trampolines aren't as common as treadmills or elliptical machines, however they can be very effective at providing excellent workouts offering the same conveniences as other indoor fitness equipment (i.e. avoid rainwater, workout any time).

What lots of people don't understand is that rebounders can be used for more than just bouncing. Moreover, they provide more health advantages than merely cardio vascular benefits.

7 health advantages of using rebounders

1. Cardio

Bouncing is a good workout. It's also fairly low impact (less low impact being an elliptical trainer... but lower impact than running).

But, you are not limited to bouncing. You can walk-on-the-spot, run-on-the-spot, do jumping jacks... much more than merely bouncing as people tend to do on the trampoline.

2. Detoxing

It's been reported that bouncing movement can be great for flushing toxins from your body, especially in the the lymphatic system. This could deliver a great detoxifying effect.

3. Balance training

It's hard enough sitting on one leg on stable ground. Test the fit a trampoline. You can easily incorporate many balance yoga poses into a rebounder workout.

Studio Pro Rebounder 40 inch trampoline

4. Interval training workouts

Interval training workouts is simply a mixture of intense and low intensity efforts during a workout. Like most fitness equipment, interval training is easily doable on the trampoline.

5. Core workouts

Most rebounders offer sufficient surface area for doing core/abdominal exercises. Actually, the flexi-surface offers an additional element to an abdominal workout. Moreover, it's comfortable. In a nutshell, rebounders are ideal for crunches, boat pose (soft on the buttocks), V-sit-ups, leg raises, bicycle crunches... all with a little bounce and much more comfort.

6. Skipping

If you're into doing rope work, rebounders present an interesting alternative to rope jumping on solid ground. It keeps you on your toes with various timing and since you stay in mid-air longer, you can experiment/practice with increased complicated hand rope movements.

7. Martial Arts practice

If you're into martial arts, practicing kicks, blocks and punches work nicely on the rebounder. The bouncing surface can help you with balance and you may work on your control while in the air.

As you can see, there's a great deal more to some rebounder than meets the eye. You can buy a rebounder for less than $100.